The Y Project offers support to individuals ages 16 to 26 on their unique journeys through young adulthood through individual mentoring, education and health services along with group events and individual programs. Individual programs are determined by each young adult, in conversation with Lisa Romero and/or Ronan O’Connor.

Different individual program supports are described below.

Mentorship helps to support individual interests in a particular vocation/profession, craft or task and bring conversation, guidance and perspective to young people’s questions and interests.

Vocational and Study Support assists individuals to attend upcoming Y Project and related events and activities.

Artistic Work brings balance, harmony and insight through our senses towards strengthening how we perceive the world outside of us more deeply and how we express ourselves, and how we take action in the world around us.

Anthroposophic Remedies are prescribed by health practitioners as well as External Applications like foot baths and compresses that help the individual to find greater strength and balance in themselves. They help us to put the habits of everyday thoughts, worries and cares to one side, and support our mental, emotional and physical well-being, enabling us to align with ourselves from a deeper place.

Rhythmical Massage is a method of bodywork which helps to support movement, healing and vitality through a gentle massage technique.